The Giving Mission of Black Hills Community Bank

As part of Black Hills Community Bank’s culture, we believe in giving back to our local community as a way to pay it forward. The bank’s social responsibility plays a critical role in our business strategy of responsible growth and connects us to our core purpose of making people’s financial lives better in our communities. Whether we make a loan to purchase your home or grow your business, it is also important to us to support community initiatives by providing diapers for infants, feeding less fortunate children or sheltering those who are at risk.

How we stay involved

The Board of Directors of Black Hills Community Bank has authorized and established the Community Involvement Committee (CIC) to spread awareness throughout our community to people and organizations who are in need of support. With local organizations, we search for ways to involve our directors, shareholders, employees, clients and community members as a way to improve the lives of those we touch through our community programs.

Pass It On Program

A significant portion of the bank’s Giving Mission is done by our employees. Under the bank’s Pass It On program, qualifying employees are awarded $1,000 to contribute to a local Black Hills community non-profit organization. Our employees become ambassadors for the bank with their gifts. Since Pass It On was originated in 2010, $325,000 has been donated by our Community Bank Employees.

New Coats for Kids

Community Volunteer Hours

Every year, Black Hills Community Bank Employees are encouraged to participate in an annual goal for community volunteer hours. The goal is set at 100 hours per the number of FTEs at the bank. In 2017 the Employees completed 4590 hours volunteering at non-profits, serving on committees or boards, and participating in community events or fundraising activities. Over 150 organizations benefited from Community Bankers offering their time and assistance within the Black Hills community. Employees have exceeded their goals each year since the program was established by the CIC in 2010 with over 20,000 hours of volunteer service performed.

2017 Achievements

Annual Diaper Drive for Cornerstone Rescue Mission

In 2017, the bank completed the 7th annual Diaper Drive for Dear Ones Daycare at the Cornerstone Rescue Mission and Spearfish Artemis House. The daycare is a hand up for single moms preparing to provide for their families through education and job experience. Through this initiative, over 300,000 diapers or the cash equivalent have been delivered to Rapid City and Spearfish child care organizations.

Another 2017 initiative included the bank’s Spread the Warmth New coats for kids campaign. Employees contributed $1 each Friday for casual Friday. The bank matched the money raised by employees. Customers of the bank were also invited to contribute to a new coat for kids between the ages of 5 to 12 years old. Elementary schools in Rapid City were selected by the Employees and Black Hills Community bank provided new coats as gifts to some incredibly happy and surprised kids.

How Can We Help Your Organization?

We invite community non-profits and organizations to let us know about their activities and fundraising events. While the bank views charitable giving as a commitment, we regret that we are unable to respond favorably to every donation request or requests that do not align with our Giving Mission, those may include:

  • Political Campaigns
  • General Operating expenses
  • Research projects
  • Building & Renovation projects
  • Product raffles
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Financial support for individuals

We make every effort to support donation requests that meet our Giving Mission. If you feel your organization or non-profit deserves to be considered for our giving programs, we invite you to fill out and submit the donation request form below.

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