Meet the Rapid City Team

  • Jack Lynass
    Jack Lynass
    President and CEO
  • David Ahlrichs
    David Ahlrichs
    Chief Risk Officer
  • Paul Enos
    Paul Enos
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Melissa Hood
    Melissa Hood
    SVP, Operations Officer
  • James Mortenson
    James Mortenson
    SVP, Chief Credit Officer
  • Bob DeWald
    Bob DeWald
    SVP, Loan Production Manager
  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith
    SVP, Marketing Officer
  • Michael Dawson
    Michael Dawson
    VP, Compliance Officer
  • Bryan Mickley
    Bryan Mickley
    VP, Sr. Commercial Loan Officer
  • JC Lynass
    JC Lynass
    AVP, Commercial Loan Officer
  • Connor Ward
    Connor Ward
    Business Banker
  • Luke Enos
    Luke Enos
    Business Banker
  • Rachel Menkens
    Rachel Menkens
    Production Administrative Assistant
  • Matthew Hackett
    Matthew Hackett
    Business Development Officer
  • Lori Lynass
    Lori Lynass
    SVP, Mortgage Manager
  • Teri McNally
    Teri McNally
    Mortgage Banker
  • Linda Gingras
    Linda Gingras
    VP, Mortgage Underwriting Officer
  • Tabitha Witte
    Tabitha Witte
    Mortgage Processor
  • Chelsey Scott
    Chelsey Scott
    Deposit Account Specialist
  • Anna Coad
    Anna Coad
    Deposit Account Specialist
  • Rachael Yurisich
    Rachael Yurisich
    AVP, Loan Operations Manager
  • Dorothy Tinnell
    Dorothy Tinnell
    Loan Processor
  • Chelsea Dybvig
    Chelsea Dybvig
    Loan Processor
  • Karen Skyberg
    Karen Skyberg
    Loan Processor
  • Deanna Heindel
    Deanna Heindel
    Loan Documentation Specialist
  • Kat Converse
    Kat Converse
    Loan Operations Assistant
  • Leslie Antonovich
    Leslie Antonovich
    Loan Assistant
  • Laura Neumann
    Laura Neumann
    VP, Sr. Credit Administrator
  • Holly Mortenson
    Holly Mortenson
    AVP, Sr. Credit Administrator
  • Todd Unterbrunner
    Todd Unterbrunner
    Sr. Credit Analyst
  • Aubrey Anderson
    Aubrey Anderson
    Sr. Credit Analyst
  • Sam Frost
    Sam Frost
    Credit Analyst
  • Jacob Ruiz
    Jacob Ruiz
    Loan Review Specialist
  • Jay Ketel
    Jay Ketel
    Credit Administrator
  • Sherry Keil
    Sherry Keil
    Executive Administrator
  • Michelle Reese
    Michelle Reese
    Operations Specialist
  • Samara
    Operations Assistant
  • Jasmine
  • Mariaha
  • Joella