Community Cash Back Disclosure

When monthly qualifications are met, you receive 4.00% cash back on debit card purchases of $10.00 or higher that post to your account during monthly statement cycle up to a total cash back of $10.00 per monthly statement cycle. Qualifying transactions must post to your account during monthly statement cycle. Statement cycle qualifications include: (1) At least ten debit card transactions post to your account for a minimum of $10.00 each statement cycle; (2) Enroll and receive electronic statements; and (3) Log into online banking at least once during the monthly statement cycle. Transactions may take one or more banking days from the date transaction was made to post to your account. ATM processed transactions do not count towards qualifying transactions. Domestic ATM fees incurred during the statement cycle will be reimbursed automatically up to $4.99 per single transaction, and fees $5.00 or greater are reimbursable if a receipt is presented, for the first 5 transactions up to $19.99, and credited to account on the last day of monthly statement cycle. Minimum to open is $100. Limit one account per SSN.

Qualifying Transactions to Obtain Cash Back Rewards

  1. At least ten debit card purchases post to your account for a minimum transaction amount of $10.00 each per statement cycle.
  2. Your Cash Back Rewards account must be enrolled in and receive e-statements.
  3. You must log into either online banking or mobile banking at least one time during the statement cycle.

 ATM fees incurred during a qualification cycle will be automatically reimbursed up to $4.99 per single transaction. ATM fees $5.00 or greater will be reimbursed when accompanied by the receipt and presented at the bank. The first 5 ATM fees will be reimbursed up to $19.99 and credited the last day of the monthly statement cycle.

CASH BACK REWARDS accounts are for personal consumer accounts only.